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Ghost Detective V
Adrian researches more new haunting around Northamptonshire and beyond.
The haunting of the Plume of Feathers in the town of Daventry. Ghosts of the Moot Hall in Daventry. Ghosts within Rushden Athletic Club and Institute. Eyewitness stories of ghosts and spirits. The many ghosts of The Royal Theatre in Northampton. Ghosts of the White Hart in the village of Flore. The Greens Norton ghost. Helen, Ghost of Soham. The ghosts of St Giles street in Northampton. The ghosts of the Bear public house in Northampton.
Introduction to book V
When you think how long people have been seeing ghosts and experiencing spirits you would think someone would have decided to find out how and why they occur. But it seems we are all still stuck in the dark ages allowing our superstitions to cloud our judgement. As for myself, I have formed my conclusions based on experience and my own interpretation of the events I have witnessed. The word, interpretation, has more meaning for the paranormal investigator than any other. When interviewing an eyewitness to a haunting, or indeed any strange event, it is their interpretation of what they have seen or felt that is the key to understanding the case. Their interpretation is formed from the individual’s belief system. With so many different beliefs around the world no wonder it is so hard to form consistent conclusions. We know unexplained events happen to people on a regular basis,there is no disputing that, but to say they are largely ghost related is a step too far for me. I believe we have some abilities that we are just starting to understand, and others we have no knowledge of at all. In evolutionary terms we are just children playing with a toy we have little understanding of.
Do I believe in ghosts and spirits? Yes. But my interpretation of ghosts and spirits may not be the same as yours.

Ghost Detective Book 5

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