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Author Adrian H Perkins

Investigator, public speaker, and author of
the Ghost Detective series of books.
New Children's mystery adventure books
Three Secrets
Northampton England / TGD666

Signed physical books are available to order from this site or digital books are available worldwide from Amazon on this link

Plus all the books are available to order through all bookshops world

Ghost Detective Book 1
Ghost Detective book 3
Ghost Detective Book 5
Ghost Detective Book 7
Ghost Detective Book 2
Ghost Detective Book 4
Ghost Detective Book 6
Ghost Detective Book 8

Each book in the Ghost Detective series contains several investigations that I have carried out over the past thirty years at new haunted locations around the UK and beyond.

They also contain startling eyewitness accounts from people who believe they have seen a ghost or experienced spirit activity first-hand.

I will only investigate stories that have never been fully investigated or published before. What you read in my books are new tales of ghostly goings-on.

Signed books are available from this site.

Or if you prefer, unsigned books are available through leading High Street and Web Outlets.

My books will give you a true insight into the life of a real Ghost Detective.

Adrian H Perkins.


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