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About The Author

Author Adrian Perkins lives in Northampton and has been writing since the early nineties. From an early age, his own personal experiences, and tales of ghosts and spirits fascinated him. Adrian has always collected books on true ghost stories, but there was a problem. His collection of books highlighted the persistent repetition of well-known ghost stories. These stories began showing up in book after book.

This repetition became such an annoyance Adrian decided to do something about it. In the early 2000’s he decided to contact the local BBC radio station and they invited him in. After explaining on-air his quest to find new stories to write about and publish, the radio station opened up the phone lines for people to talk to Adrian, live, or leave their contact details off-air. This move proved so successful two years later Adrian’s first book of 32 eyewitness accounts, Ghost Detective 1, was on sale in high-street shops and available across the UK. After this success Adrian wanted to take things further than simply collecting eyewitness stories, he wanted to investigate locations for himself.

In each of the Ghost Detective books, from number two onward, Adrian details several investigations separated by eyewitness accounts. Now working on book nine, Adrian has no intention of stopping or slowing down on the investigation front.

All his stories are unique to his books and the investigations he does can last up to three years, so you know the stories are accurate.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Ghost Detective series of books are a fascinating read and a glimpse into the life of a real-life Ghost Detective.  

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