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Front Cover of Ghost Detective 1
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Ghost Detective 1

This book is the culmination of two years work. I spent nearly all my spare time travelling the country interviewing people who had seen, heard, or felt something paranormal. This book is not just a collection of ghost stories, it is the tale of how the book was put together. You get to meet the characters as I did. The book has 76 pages and holds around 31 interviews covering all aspects of the paranormal. . None of the events in the book have ever been published before. The locations range from places of work to peoples homes. I have tried to get away from the stereotypical castle or abbey where quite frankly the stories have been covered over and over again. I wanted the real day-to-day haunting experienced by people you can speak to one to one.

Front cover of Ghost Setective 2
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Ghost Detective II

In this book Adrian Perkins investigates deep into the world of the supernatural. 
Read peoples eyewitness accounts of ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists, in some of the most unlikely places.
Along with other stories is a full in-depth investigation of the ghosts and spirits at Twinwoods Farm Airfield in Bedfordshire, the last place Glenn Miller was seen alive. 
Complete reports of vigils and séances, plus an unexpected visit from a female spirit who was determined to be heard. 
Apart from the cover, the pictures of locations and ghost manifestations are unaltered, what you see is what we saw. 
This book can only try to do justice to the many things I have seen and heard over the past eighteen months. I have tape recordings and video evidence that you would find hair-raising. All I can do is write about it the best way I can.

Ninety pages of raw investigations, no-frills, just as it happened

Ghost Story Locations in Northamptonshire.

Bugbrooke, Upton, Farthingstone, Hardingstone.

Ghost Story Locations in Devon.

Berry Pomeroy Castle.

Ghost Story Locations in Bedfordshire.


Front cover of Ghost Detective 3
Anchor 3


Ghost Detective III

A fascinating glimpse into the world of the paranormal. Complete investigations of reported paranormal activity from start to finish. With fascinating photographs and interviews with people who have witnessed the activity. Forget all the boring repetitive stories you have read in the past, try something completely new. Join us on our investigations as we uncover the truth behind a haunted restaurant, canal tunnel, terrace house, museum, and shops. Read interviews from people who are pushing the boundaries of paranormal research using spiritual and scientific methods. Read both sides of the argument and decide for yourself.  

Note from the author.  Each time I go out investigating the paranormal it throws up new challenges. The people who work with me are experienced investigators specializing in their own fields. As a team our wealth of knowledge is vast. When you read these investigations you can be sure they have been done professionally. We do not play at ghost hunting, we do the job right. I hope you enjoy our investigations.

Ghost Stories in Northamptonshire.

Blisworth Tunnel, Abington Museum, Haunted house in Kettering.

Ghost Stories from Wellingborough market square.

Ghost Stories in a Bedford haunted shop.

Cover of Ghost Detective 4
Anchor 4


Ghost Detective IV

In this, the fourth book in the Ghost Detective series, Adrian researches the history surrounding the hauntings he has uncovered in and around Northamptonshire.

Hauntings and tunnels on Black Lion Hill. The Green Dragon in Higham Ferrers holds more than one ghost. Apethorpe Hall has a charitable ghost. Salcey Forest reveals a secret past, and a royal ghost or two. The Cock at Roade has spirits of both kinds.

The Grey Lady on The Mansfield Estate.

The Ghost Bull at Fawsley Park.

Ghosts of the Barley Mow.

Tunnels beneath Northampton.

Ghosts of The Fish Inn.

Ghosts of The Racehorse Public House.

This book is aimed at two audiences, the avid reader of true ghost stories, and the lovers of history. Adrian has endeavoured to link the two subjects in this compelling read. The research alone has taken almost two years to complete. We hope you find this book informative and intriguing.

Ghost Stories in Northamptonshire.

The Old Black Lion, The Fish Inn, The Green Dragon, Apethorpe Hall, Salcey Forest, The Cock Inn Roade, Fawsley, The Barley Mow in Paulerspury, The Mansfield Estate, Northampton Tunnels, The Racehorse Public House.


Front cover of Ghost Detective 5
Anchor 5


Ghost Detective V
Ghost Stories in Northamptonshire.
Rushden, Daventry, Flore, Greens Norton, Northampton Theatre, Northampton
Giles Street.
Ghost Stories in Cambridgeshire.
Ghost Of Helen in Soham

Adrian researches more new hauntings around Northamptonshire and beyond.

The haunting of the Plume of Feathers in the town of Daventry. Ghosts of the Moot Hall in Daventry. Ghosts within Rushden Athletic Club and Institute. Eyewitness stories of ghosts and spirits. The many ghosts of The Royal Theatre in Northampton. Ghosts of the White Hart in the village of Flore. The Greens Norton ghost. Helen, Ghost of Soham. The ghosts of St Giles Street in Northampton. The ghosts of the Bear public house in Northampton.


Front cover of Ghost Detective 6
Anchor 6
Ghost Detective VI
Ghost Stories in Northamptonshire.

The ghosts and spirits at First Light Photographic in Daventry, Northamptonshire. 

Ghosts of the Olde Red Lion pub in Kislingbury, Northamptonshire.

The ghost of School Lane in Kislingbury, Northamptonshire.

Ghosts of Braunston Tunnel, Northamptonshire.

The ghosts and spirits of Yellow Cottage

in Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire.

Plus seven gripping eyewitness accounts of ghost sightings from around the UK

This is book six in the Ghost Detective series and contains some of the most spine chilling cases Adrian has ever investigated.

He only investigates new reports of haunted locations so the investigations you will read in this book have never been done before.

Front cover of Ghost Detective 7
Anchor 7

Number seven in the Ghost Detective series will not disappoint. 
Adrian has been to new locations, where he tested out an alternative approach while investigating the supernatural. 
There are three investigations to read, all packed with the history and eyewitness information we now expect from this author.
Everything you read actually happened. Adrian did all the interviews and investigations himself, along with professionals specifically chosen for their skills.  
Among the investigations, you will find interviews Adrian did with people who witnessed first-hand ghost or spirit activity.           
His hands-on approach when analysing the supernatural, is key in answering the questions of, how and why ghosts and spirits appear to us.
He puts forward theories that he has formed over the years, hoping readers will be spurred onto investigate for themselves.
If you have an inquisitive mind, and would like to know more about the supernatural, this book is for you. 


Eyewitness stories from Passenham Village, Milton Keynes, England

Investigation into ghosts at Gray’s Roade House Hotel, Northamptonshire, England


Eyewitness account of time slip at the Llansantffraed Court hotel, Abergavenny, Wales


Eyewitness account of the ghosts in Hazelwood Roade, Bedfordshire, England


Eyewitness account of the hitchhiker of Stranraer, Inch, Dumfries and Galloway, southwest Scotland


Investigation of the ghosts at the S Bar in Stilton, Cambridgeshire, England


Eyewitness account of friendly ghosts in Higham Ferrers, East Northamptonshire, England


Eyewitness account of the ghost cat from Lancashire, England


Eyewitness account of the friendly ghost of Mary in

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England.


Investigation of the dormouse of Deanshanger, Milton Keynes, England


Eyewitness account of the ghosts of Hawkers Cottage, Cornwall, England


Eyewitness account of ghosts that haunt the former Royal Ordnance Depot at Weedon Bec in Northamptonshire,



Gruesome Story from the railway at Ashton, Northamptonshire, England.


The ten year anniversary investigation at Twinwood Farm in Bedfordshire, England

Front cover of Ghost Detective 8
Anchor 8



Northampton County Hall- Northampton, England

The Cherry Tree Inn- Fletton near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England


Helios Antiques- Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire, England

The Rectory Ghost- Stoke Hammond, Aylesbury Vale district in North Buckinghamshire, England

The Air Raid- Winterborne Houghton, North Dorset, England

A Strange Journey - Story from Jess Caprio from Crowland, Lincolnshire, England

Twinwood Business Park- Bedfordshire, England

The Kingsthorpe House - Northampton, England

Ghosts of Building 1- Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire,


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