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Number seven in the Ghost Detective series will not disappoint. 
Adrian has been to new locations, where he tested out an alternative approach while investigating the supernatural. 
There are three investigations to read, all packed with the history and eyewitness information we now expect from this author.
Everything you read actually happened. Adrian did all the interviews and investigations himself, along with professionals specifically chosen for their skills.  
Among the investigations, you will find interviews Adrian did with people who witnessed first-hand ghost or spirit activity.           
His hands-on approach when analysing the supernatural, is key in answering the questions of, how and why ghosts and spirits appear to us.
He puts forward theories that he has formed over the years, hoping readers will be spurred onto investigate for themselves.
If you have an inquisitive mind, and would like to know more about the supernatural, this book is for you. 

Ghost Detective Book 7

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