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Ghost Detective III

A fascinating glimpse into the world of the paranormal. Complete investigations of reported paranormal activity from start to finish. With fascinating photographs and interviews with people who have witnessed the activity. Forget all the boring repetitive stories you have read in the past, try something completely new. Join us on our investigations as we uncover the truth behind a haunted restaurant, canal tunnel, terrace house, museum, and shops. Read interviews from people who are pushing the boundaries of paranormal research using spiritual and scientific methods. Read both sides of the argument and decide for yourself.  

Note from the author.  Each time I go out investigating the paranormal it throws up new challenges. The people who work with me are experienced investigators specializing in their own fields. As a team our wealth of knowledge is vast. When you read these investigations you can be sure they have been done professionally. We do not play at ghost hunting, we do the job right. I hope you enjoy our investigations.

Ghost Stories in Northamptonshire.

Blisworth Tunnel, Abington Museum, Haunted house in Kettering.

Ghost Stories from Wellingborough market square.

Ghost Stories in a Bedford haunted shop.

Ghost Detective Book 3

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