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Ghost Detective V

Ghost Stories in Northamptonshire.

Rushden, Daventry, Flore, Greens Norton, Northampton Theatre, Northampton

Giles Street.

Ghost Stories in Cambridgeshire.

Ghost Of Helen in Soham

Adrian researches more new hauntings around Northamptonshire and beyond.

The haunting of the Plume of Feathers in the town of Daventry. Ghosts of the Moot Hall in Daventry. Ghosts within Rushden Athletic Club and Institute. Eyewitness stories of ghosts and spirits. The many ghosts of The Royal Theatre in Northampton. Ghosts of the White Hart in the village of Flore. The Greens Norton ghost. Helen, Ghost of Soham. The ghosts of St Giles Street in Northampton. The ghosts of the Bear public house in Northampton.

Ghost Detective Book 5

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