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Ghost Detective II

In this book Adrian Perkins investigates deep into the world of the supernatural. 
Read peoples eyewitness accounts of ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists, in some of the most unlikely places.
Along with other stories is a full in-depth investigation of the ghosts and spirits at Twinwoods Farm Airfield in Bedfordshire, the last place Glenn Miller was seen alive. 
Complete reports of vigils and séances, plus an unexpected visit from a female spirit who was determined to be heard. 
Apart from the cover, the pictures of locations and ghost manifestations are unaltered, what you see is what we saw. 
This book can only try to do justice to the many things I have seen and heard over the past eighteen months. I have tape recordings and video evidence that you would find hair-raising. All I can do is write about it the best way I can.

Ninety pages of raw investigations, no-frills, just as it happened

Ghost Story Locations in Northamptonshire.

Bugbrooke, Upton, Farthingstone, Hardingstone.

Ghost Story Locations in Devon.

Berry Pomeroy Castle.

Ghost Story Locations in Bedfordshire.


Ghost Detective Book 2

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